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Saturday 16, January 2021
Water Quality
Lab Equipment
Chemical Test Kit
EC/pH/TDS Meter
Hydroponics Fertilizer & Growing Media
Greenhouse Construction
ShadingNet/Plastic UV/Insect Screen
Agriculture Equipment
Hydroponics & Consultancy
Fertilizer (Pupuk Makro/Mikro)
Oriental Coffee & Tea
Moisture Tester (Kadar Air)
Survey & Geologist Equipment
Meteorologi/Iklim/Curah Hujan
E-Book (Hydroponics)
Agriculture Research
Glassware Laboratory


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About us

AgriFAM "The Agriculture Industry, Instruments & Food Beverages "

Your partner in the Agriculture Industry , Equipment Industry, Food Beverages, analytical laboratory, Technical Advise and Consultancy for Growing system..

AgriFAM "The Agriculture Industry, Instruments & Food Beverages "  supplying good quality products and suitable technology Mix Fertilizers for hydroponics substrate,  aeroponics, NFT,  Seeds, Growing media, Pesticides, Plastics follies for greenhouse, Drip Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Measurement equipment,  lab equipment, food quality. Our professional staff consists of highly trained technical support, technical advice that are committed to providing quality agriculture product, equipment and laboratory analysis and service to each of our clients in the world wide agricultural community.

The Profile : Technical Advice for Hydroponics farm with Greenhouse system and management organisation for agriculture company, in Cipanas and Goalpara Sukabumi, Indonesia 1995-1997  Setting up Horticultural Production & Hydroponics of Practical Training Network in West & East Java, South Sulawesi, Indonesia 1998-2002  Setting up Greenhouse from ROVERO for Paprika growing in Wesr Java-Indonesia 1999-2000  Teacher (plant nutrition, water management, greenhouse operation, propagation) at The Horticultural Production & Hydroponics of Practical Training Network, Cooperation with Netherlands Government, DLV Agriconsult, and IPC Netherlands.  Supporting team setting up Greenhouse growing farm horticulture company in Ijen-Bondowoso, Indonesia 1999  Setting up Marketing Research in West Java and Makasar, Indonesia 1998  Supporting team setting up marketing organisation in Java and Bali, Indonesia 2003 Setting up production farm with greenhouse and Consultancy management organisation for: Lanna oriental Hydroponics Ltd, in Chiang Mai, Thailand 1999. Supplier to the Instrument, horticultural Industry, Consultancy, Hydroponics System and Vegetable Production, Greenhouse and Hydroponics, Technical Advice, Lab equipment.

AgriFAM "The Agriculture Industry, Instruments " yang mengkh